In today's information economy what makes a company successful is very different from the factors of yesteryear. In the current business climate it's your ability to recruit, develop and retain the right talent that distinguishes you from your competitors.

Phil Atkinson has over 25 years experience of general, specialist HR, Quality, Change and Project management with specific activity in Public and Private Sector; Hi-tech and low-tech; UK and International; service and manufacturing across small, medium and large scale enterprises. Through Pja4HR, Phil can help you achieve your company's full potential with services that include

  1. HR: Consultancy: leading specific projects, schemes or initiatives
  2. HR: Interim and Outsourcing: supporting your own HR team
  3. HR: Legal: ensuring legally compliant good practice
  4. HR: Recruitment: handling your key recruitment needs

At Pja4HR we are able to deliver effective solutions with practical day-to-day support. As experienced consultants with years of hands on experience in the real world we fully appreciate the challenges you face today, which is why our goal is to help you deliver the results you need to take your business forward.